About Aerolaser

I am a Professional electrical engineer. I also studied theoretical physics specializing in Optics And Waves (basically light theory)
I started selling laser cutters because I initially wanted to by a machine for cutting out balsa wood parts for model aircraft.

The prices locally are ridiculously expensive,the local suppliers also in a number of cases don't really understand what they are selling, hence I imported my first machine.. I have a contract with a company that makes these machines to sell in South Africa. This allows me to to bring the prices even lower.
You can compare my prices and you will see that I can sell these at significantly lower prices then anyone else in the country, this I can guarantee. I normally spec the machines depends on what customers like, and I ship the machines via Airfreight, this is more costly, but is better for the long term life of the machines especially the power supply and control systems.
People ask about quality, since I spec the machines I can get exactly what is required functionally at much better quality then local available machines. I also have a good relationship with the manufacturer and have good turn around times.


We also do small hobby/craft/wedding or personal jobs

We can cut virtually any non-metal material. In general, we can handle thicknesses of up to 20mm, depending on the material.

Our quick turnaround services can save you time and money!

Why you should use our Laser cutting services


Advantages of laser cutting over mechanical cutting include:

  • Easier work holding and reduced contamination of work piece.
  •  Much Higher Precision 
  • There is also a reduced chance of warping the material that is being cut, as laser systems have a small heat-affected zone. Some materials are  impossible to cut by more traditional means.


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